bring your screen enclosure back to life

Exposure to UV rays, intense heat, and heavy rainfall often causes oxidation and rust to the paint and sealant of pool cages and aluminum structures in our area. 

We provide high quality work in painting and re-screening pool cages, at an affordable price.  We specialize in prepping your aluminum pool cage, repainting and re-screening for increased aesthetic appeal, durability, and protection.

Save Money: Instead of replacing the screen enclosure, painting can give you many more years of enjoyment on the existing structure.

Our Process:

Prepping the cage is the first and most important step when painting a pool cage. 

-The cage will be complete de-screened.

-The aluminum will be pressure washed to remove any mold, chalk, loose or peeling paint.

-Any broken or missing hardware (bolts, screws, door handles, door sweeps) will be replaced with new.

-All rust will be wire brushed and treated with a rust inhibitor.

-The aluminum is then wiped down with a very light chemical to make sure all loose debris has been removed.
-Surrounding areas will be cautiously protected to ensure there is no over spray.

-A quality primer will be applied in preparation for the final coat of paint.
-The screen enclosure will then be professionally painted with a high-quality spray finish, using a specially formulated Sherwin Williams product designed for aluminum.

-Chose from a variety of color tones in white or bronze. 


"A Brush Above The Rest"


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